Unusual Funeral Home Services

Posted on: 27 January 2015

If you are planning a funeral for a loved one, or perhaps are preparing your own to save your loved ones the hassle later, it may be reassuring to know that some funeral homes give you the option of planning an event as unique as the person being remembered. Each of us is an individual, but some of us really like to stand out from the crowd. For those folks, an unusual funeral home service may be the key to help those who mourn remember them as they truly were.

Drive-Thru Viewings

Although this type of service may seem impersonal and even ridiculous to some, drive-thru viewings are actually growing in popularity. The funeral homes that offer this service have large curtained windows that the casket is displayed behind. When a car pulls up, the curtains are pulled back for a predetermined period of time so that those in the vehicle may view the body. Often the viewers have the option of signing a guest book or depositing cards expressing their sympathies through a designated slot. While it may seem impersonal, the President of Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw, Michigan claims that this type of viewing is popular with, and sensitive to the needs of, the elderly.


If the grandiose is more you or your loved one's style, perhaps you would like a funeral service that mimics a Broadway Show. These may include grand musical numbers and costumed attendees. While missing a loved one may be sad, honoring them does not have to be.

Themed Services

To truly speak to the unique memory of the person being honored, some people opt for a themed service. If the funeral home you are dealing with is accommodating enough, the theme you choose can be almost anything. Some may choose a theme that speaks to the occupation of the deceased, such as an educational theme for a teacher or a firehouse theme for a fireman or woman. Or perhaps you would rather honor the things that the deceased loved best, such as an animal theme for pet lover or a comedic theme for one who just loved to laugh.

There is nothing wrong with traditional viewings and funeral services. In fact, many people find the predictable nature of these services comforting. If you are not one of these people and you want your funeral service to be as memorable as your life was, take the time to find the place that will provide you with unusual funeral home services. Speak directly with professionals like Farone & Son Inc for more info.