Creating The Family You Always Wanted: A Guide For Single Ladies

Posted on: 18 February 2015

When you are young, in high school or in college, you envision a life for yourself that meets many of the social norms. You see yourself meeting the perfect man, falling in love, getting married and then starting a family together. Of course, as an adult, you quickly begin to realize that life does not always go according to plan. You hit your late 20s or early 30s and you realize that you are still single, and begin to accept the fact that you may remain so for a long time if you don't want to settle in your love life. But what about children and having a family? As a single woman, get to know the options available to you if you are ready to start a family on your own. 

Become A Foster Parent

Perhaps you are not sure if you are ready to have a child of your own, or simply are physically unable to become pregnant or carry a child to term. Or, maybe you feel that there are plenty of children in the world who have already been born who need homes. Whatever the case may be, becoming a foster parent may be a good solution for you. 

Single parents are allowed to become foster parents if they meet the basic conditions that all foster parents must meet. This means having a sufficient income to support yourself and the foster child, a flexible schedule, no criminal record, a home that is deemed safe, and various other qualifications.

The only stipulation is, although you are single, you may sometimes need to be able to designate a "backup" person who can help care for your foster child and get them to necessary appointments should you fall ill or be otherwise unable to perform your parental duties. This requirement varies depending on the state in which you live and their specific guidelines and requirements 

Chances are, you have people in your life who would support your decision to foster a child and would be happy to back you up in the case of emergency. Fostering children can give you a good idea of what parenting is like, while also allowing you to help a child in need who has had a rough go of it in life. Be prepared to work hard to build trust with foster children, especially older children, as being in the foster system can be an unstable and unsettling environment for any child. 

Single Parent Adoption

Unfortunately, when you are a foster parent, the children you foster may be sent back to live with their biological families at virtually any time. This can range from difficult to heart-breaking depending on how long you have been fostering the child. Alternatively, adoption is a more permanent way to give a child in need a safe and loving home (and for you to become a parent). 

Single parents are allowed to adopt children in the United States, though there are some hurdles you will have to overcome. Licensed adoption agencies vary in their policies regarding single parent applicants. Some do not accept singles and others may only offer you children for adoption that they deem to be "less desirable" candidates. However, if you find a licensed adoption agency that is willing to work with you as a single parent applicant, you can find the experience to be extremely helpful.

These adoption agencies will try to match you with a child that would be a good match for you, based on age, gender, and other characteristics. Using an agency makes the process of adopting less complicated legally speaking as they are adept at handling the legal paperwork associated with the adoption process. 

Alternatively, you can also try to do a private adoption in which you and the biological parents reach an adoption agreement independent from an agency. However, in such cases, the biological parents are more likely to change their minds about adoption, about you, or any other aspects of the adoption they so choose which may result in a long string of disappointments for you in your pursuit to make a family for yourself. 

When you are a single lady looking to start a family, there are various options available to you. So, decide which is right for you and get the process started as soon as you are ready. Visit for more information.