One Way To Adopt Is To Go Through The Foster System

Posted on: 20 March 2015

For people who are interested in adopting a child, there are several ways that you can go about it. One way is to work with the foster system. 

What Is the Foster System?

The foster system works with the state's child protection agency. The protection agency is in charge of making sure that children are in homes that are safe. If a child has been seen to be in a harmful or neglectful situation, the protection agency will step in to remove the child from that situation to place them somewhere safer. The protection agency then contacts a foster agency so that the child can be placed with a foster family. 

There are usually several foster agencies that the state can work with. Each agency will have clients that they work with. Those clients will be adults that have had background checks to make sure that they can provide a safe place for a child to live. That background check will include things like criminal checks, work history, and personal history. The foster agency's list will be broken down into categories. Those categories will include things like people who can take kids with special needs, people who want to adopt, and people who want to just foster. The person in charge of placement will pick a family that will work for the child depending on all those variables. 

How Does Adopting From the Foster System Work?

Generally, it can take many months for the adoption to go through. Part of that is because the goal of most state child protection agencies is family reunification. It can take several months for the reunification process to fail and for the parental rights of the birth parents to be severed. That process can be passed by if the parents choose to sever those rights at the start. 

After that has happened, the adoption process can start. That process can include a law guardian for the child, as well as lawyers for the parents. A law guardian, or guardian at Litem, doesn't take custody of the child. It's their job to make sure that the child's best interests are being protected. All the lawyers, as well as case managers and social workers from various agencies, will work with the family and with the court to finalize the adoption. 

Using the foster system to adopt will allow a child to find a safe place where they are loved, and where they can find their forever home. Talk to an adoption agency, such as Hope's Promise, to further explore this and other options.